The Association “SOS Youth Homes” is a charity organization established with the mission of taking care of children and young people in difficulty, creating safe and comfortable living environment, ensuring learning of life skills, helping children and young people create their own future. The Association is a member of the Latvian Child Welfare Network. In order to care for children and young people without parental care, several projects are being implemented within the framework of the Association “SOS Youth Homes”: setting-up of SOS Homes and creative workshop.

What are SOS Homes?

SOS Home is the environment, where a child feels like in a family. Deeply our faith is based on the conviction that every child needs a family and home, where the child feels safe. In SOS Homes children get a real family - mom, dad, love; they live together with brothers and sisters in a harmonious environment, where there are set up all the conditions for growth and creative development into active members of our community. SOS Homes work to ensure that every orphan and child without parental care in Latvia is provided with quality care appropriate to their needs in the family-like environment.

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