About us

Every child needs a family.

Only in a family a child can receive truly personal love, attention and upbringing. In a family a child learns what a home is, how to care for themselves and others, and how to build their own family, when the time comes.

Studies have shown that life in an institution or child care centre has a negative impact on both the child’s mental and physical development. Recognizing the devastating impact of institutions on a child and their chances to live a happy life, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provides, primarily, for ensuring upbringing in a family or family-like environment for every child outside family care.

At the beginning of 2017 there were 1,216 children living in childcare facilities in Latvia.


The Association “SOS Youth Homes” is a charity organization established with the mission of taking care of children and young people in difficulty, creating safe and comfortable living environment, ensuring learning of life skills, helping children and young people create their own future. The Association is a member of the Latvian Child Welfare Network. Learn more!

One of our main goals is to help children create a happy childhood and prepare them for an adult’s life.

In order to care for children and young people without parental care, several projects are being implemented within the framework of the Association “SOS Youth Homes”: setting-up of SOS Homes and creative workshop.

Funding and support

The activity of the organization depends to a large extent on the contributors’ goodwill. In order for SOS Homes to provide long-term family-type childcare services, which include 24-hour care, housing and social rehabilitation, they need support from the contributors.

Also you can support the creation of SOS Children and Youth Homes. Learn more!

Public benefit status

“SOS Youth Homes” is an association that has been awarded a public benefit organization status. It means that natural and legal entities, while donating, are entitled to the Income Tax reliefs.

The document certifying the public benefit organization status of the Association can be found here. View!

Structural units 

The activities of the structural units of the Association are coordinated by the head office in Riga, its director Ingus Baldisevics.

Management of the Association

The Association “SOS Youth Homes” is an organization, which highest decision-making body is the annually convened General Meeting of Members. The organization is open, it can be joined by any capable natural and legal entity or a lawful partnership, personally addressing the head office in Riga.

Together we can do great things!