The Association “SOS Youth Homes” provides long-term family-type childcare services, which include 24-hour care, housing, social rehabilitation, as well as promotes the reunion of a child and their biological family, or acquisition of a new family, in the best interests of the child.

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What are SOS Homes?

SOS Home is the environment, where a child feels like in a family. Deeply our faith is based on the conviction that every child needs a family and home, where the child feels safe. In SOS Homes children get a real family – mom, dad, love; they live together with brothers and sisters in a harmonious environment, where there are set up all the conditions for growth and creative development into active members of our community. SOS Homes work to ensure that every orphan and child without parental care in Latvia is provided with quality care appropriate to their needs in the family-like environment. .

Here they can stay and prepare for independent life up to the age of 24, if attaining the age of majority, they decide to continue their studies. Young people themselves take care of tidiness, cooking, shopping and other households.

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How do children get to SOS Homes?

The decision to remove a child from their biological family is taken by the municipal Orphan’s court, which, together with the municipal social service, is looking for a substitute family most suitable for the child. If the child does not have close relatives or other people willing to take them under guardianship, there is usually sought for an opportunity to find a suitable for the child foster family or to place them in a state or municipal orphanage.

Family life at SOS Homes

At SOS Homes every child has everything a child has in a family – a room, casual clothes, care and love, the child learns to keep order, respect personal hygiene, cook meals and use their personal funds appropriately. The children attend municipal pre-school institutions, public schools, get education and attend Jekabpils Art School, Sports School or Music School. In the creative workshop of SOS Homes they acquire vocational training and master real skills for future life, which help them collaborate, get friends and associates and become the best part of our community.

Children are assisted by SOS mothers and dads, respecting the child’s personality, nationality and religion. These are moms, who the child can turn to for advice, support and encouragement at any time.

Home “Dores”

In the structural unit “Dores” of the Association, in Aiviekste civil parish of Plavinas region, there are being set up two children and youth dwelling houses, where permanently, at the River Aiviekste, in a safe and benevolent environment there will be able to live up to 16 children and young people left without parental care.

This SOS Children and Youth Home will provide long-term family-type childcare services, which include 24-hour care, housing and social rehabilitation.

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Creative workshop “Creativity Residence”

In the structural unit “Kruklini” of the Association “SOS Youth Homes”, in Kalna civil parish of Jekabpils region there is being set up a creative workshop, where children with the sense of accomplishment in their hearts will be able to participate in creative processes, acquire vocational training, develop and grow as personalities.

The creative workshop of SOS Homes will provide informative educational seminars, off-site workshop, courses, vocational training (acquisition of social and professional skills), as well as organization of charity events.

Within the framework of the creative workshop, in cooperation with the creative curators of the fields, there will be formed four main lines of activities: textile, ceramics, photo- and video- studios. We are open to all kinds of artistic, cultural and creative processes!

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Home “Kruklini”

In the structural unit “Kruklini”-2 of “SOS Youth Homes” in Kalna civil parish of Jekabpils region, there operates a summer cottage. The summer cottage offers the opportunity for children and young people left without parental car, orphans to participate in the ECO summer camps organized by the Foundation “Martins’s Foundation” (“Mārtiņa fonds”) in the Psychological Rehabilitation Centre “Dujas”, to acquire knowledge and real skills in the field of environmental protection, to have a great summer in the countryside on the shore of Lake Bancanu.

The summer house of SOS Homes provides for the realization of psychological rehabilitation. Learn more!